Finding Our Way

The book "Finding Our Way" is a collection of narratives, from family members who share their experience and insight, gained from their family's mental health recovery journey. The second half of the book presents chapters by practitioners who focus on helping families on their path back to health and balance.

This book is an extension of our work available on our website

The individual chapters originated in interviews done for our documentary "The Journey Home". Each hour-long interview told a life's story of a family and all they had been through, often in multiple generations. That is a lot of insight and experience to share. Each chapter is one person's journey and learning.

This content has been created for families, practitioners, educators and support organizations. Now used by families, in many universities (especially for social worker and therapist training), community organizations and school boards. It is all about sharing the family experience and having lived experience lead the way to lessen isolation, increase connection and to pass on the learning and hope. Featuring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, family members, family practitioners and more.

Editor: Stuart Clarfield

Available for educational license, for bulk or individual purchase. Soft cover, 176 pages, English ISBN: 978-1-7753620-0-5

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