The Moral Distress Project

Moral Distress is a complex issue that engages a wide range of health care practitioners, with a particular impact on nurses, doctors and by extension, their loved ones and families. We worked with the University of Kentucky Program for Bioethics & East Carolina University to create documentary video as the foundation for web curriculum-focused content for The Moral Distress Project.

The video content is used for Practitioner Education, Practitioner Training and Institutional HR support programs. The project was designed and led by Dr. M. Sara Rosenthal, PhD at the University of Kentucky and featured leading Moral Distress experts from across the USA and Canada.

The Moral Distress web video series is currently hosted at the University of Kentucky healthcare site for online course training for practitioners and students. We helped design the video content plan, oversaw production in Los Angeles and ran post-production, through incorporation to web curriculum. Producer Stuart Clarfield.